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“Lee Clay Johnson by Jay Varner,” Bomb, Number 136, Summer 2016.


“How to Be A Man in Central Pennsylvania,” Fjords, Fall/Winter 2015/2016.


“What Did Scott Franco Ever Do to You?” Lake Effect, Volume 18/Spring 2014.


“The High Water Mark,” Essay Magazine, Volume 14/Spring 2014.


“Nothing Wrong with the Radio,” Cedars, Issue 4, Summer 2013.


“The Pennsylvania Bolide,” Georgetown Review, Spring 2012.


“Play, Guitar Play,” Oxford American Magazine, December 2011.


“Sport for Our Neighbors,” The Southeast Review, Spring 2010.


“Farm Machines,” Quicksilver, Fall 2008.


“Missing Persons,” Black Warrior Review, Spring 2008.


“Small Gestures,” The Rectangle, 2003.

Other Writing

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